Accredited Training

Provide First Aid
Victorian First Aid delivers training opportunities at YNH on scheduled dates throughout the year.

Provide CPR $60
Provide First Aid Level 2 $155
Provide First Aid Level 2 + Education/Childcare $180

Date: Tuesday 5th Oct

Time: 9am – 4.30pm
Venue: Fitness Centre
Facilitator: Victorian First Aid

Contact Victorian First Aid directly to enrol. The class must meet minimum student enrolments to go ahead.

Responsible Service Of Alcohol (RSA)

Working in the hospitality industry or wanting to?

This course covers the legalities and responsibilities of serving alcohol to patrons and diners on licensed premises. It explains the strategies for the responsible serving of alcohol and how to refuse service if you need to. It also covers facts about alcohol and responsible alcohol consumption.

Contact us to express your interest in this course. We need a minimum of 15 people for the course to go ahead.

Date: TBC
Cost: TBC

White Card – Construction Induction

Working in the construction industry or wanting to?

Anyone wishing to enter a construction site must hold a White Card.

Contact us to express your interest in this course.

Date: TBC
Cost: TBC